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Investec Real Estate Companies creates profitable investments through the responsible development and management of real property. We are committed to the future and measure our success by the growth of client investments.




INVESTEC PROVIDES the following services

  • Investment
    THROUGHOUT its history, Investec’s goal has been to give top priority to our clients’ needs and interests while seeking profitable investment opportunities.
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  • Leasing & Property Management
    INVESTEC provides comprehensive property management services for retail, commercial office, industrial and multi-family residential properties.
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  • Development
    INVESTEC is active in development and new construction, as well as the rehabilitation of existing properties.
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  • Asset Management
    Consistent value appreciation and steady returns are the hallmark of Investec asset management, resulting from a strategy focused on quality and market knowledge.

INVESTEC WAS FOUNDED to offer consolidated services, sharing risk and establishing a reputation for trust and long-term reliability with real estate investors and owners. Read more

  • Entrepreneurial real estate investment firm founded in 1983, in Santa Barbara, California
  • Proven track record of investment success across a wide range of strategies, property-types and geographic markets
  • Successful investor and fiduciary through multiple real estate cycles in both up and down markets
  • Complete lifecycle investing and operational capabilities: sourcing, underwriting, repositioning, redevelopment, development and asset management
  • Executed over $1.3 billion of transactions during the past 25 years; over $650 million in retail since 1987
  • Assets under management valued in excess of $675 million

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