palmcactusINVESTEC WAS FOUNDED in 1983 in Santa Barbara, California, by Kenneth P. Slaught. After five years as a partner at MKS Companies, where he was responsible for acquisitions and management of their real estate portfolio, he left to start his own business. His goal was to offer consolidated services, sharing risk and establishing a reputation for trust and long-term reliability with real estate investors and owners. The investment community responded with enthusiasm.

Today, Investec is a leader in its field, continuing to grow and increasing its broad spectrum of real estate and investment opportunities. This diversification has proven to be a successful strategy, enabling Investec to consistently increase its commercial property and land acquisitions. Since its inception, Investec has handled transactions in excess of one billion dollars.

Having thrived in one of the nations most competitive real estate markets for more than three decades, Investec has proven to be an innovative and capable leader. By building on experience that has led to an enviable performance record, and by anticipating the nuances and opportunities that lay ahead, Investec remains ideally positioned for continued excellence in this dynamic and challenging industry.