Investec’s sincere commitment to developing properties that complement community standards is exemplified in our dedication to Green Development principles. Green Development employs sound environmental practices in the design and construction of our properties. Such efforts encompass the use of solar power and recycling technologies not only in our completed developments, but during construction as well.

Examples of Green Development recycling principles during construction include collecting scrap lumber for reuse as mulch and crushing concrete for future use as road base. Scrap drywall is routinely recycled and used as gypsum soil amendment. The community at large appreciates Investec’s innovative environmental strategies, and we have also been recognized with the WRAP Award from California’s Integrated Waste Management Board and the Green Award from the Consortium of Santa Barbara County.

In addition to benefiting the local environment, Investec’s commitment to Green Development has resulted in extensive cost savings because the company’s recycling practices eliminate the need to pay costly landfill fees for difficult to dispose of materials such as concrete and lumber. Investec’s commitment to Green Development principles is ongoing and will remain constant throughout the company’s future development plans.