Investec employees are the principle reason our clients feel assured their investments will always be managed with a level of professionalism that is second to none. Not only do Investec employees represent a broad range of experience and expertise, but each is sincerely committed to executing their responsibilities with the utmost attention to detail and integrity.

Our talented team of employees is highly skilled, extensively trained and well respected throughout the community. Each has a proven track record and a specific area of expertise that is integral to achieving long-term client goals. Just as important, they are involved in community activities at the grass roots level and have established lasting relationships with civic and business leaders that enable Investec to negotiate winning strategies that benefit both investors and Central Coast residents.


Kenny Slaught
Founding Principal and President


Richard L. Ridgway
Principal and President, Investec Construction, Inc.


Gregory J. Parker
Principal and Executive Vice President



Robert Perez
Director of Leasing


Bill Brace
Vice President, Investec Management Corp


Beth Rowe