Beth Rowe joined Investec in 1992. She currently heads Investec's Financial Services Department. Ms. Rowe's department is responsible for tax and financial accounting and reporting for all of Investec's entities and projects, for financial relations with Investec's financing sources and for oversight of tax return preparation by outside professionals. Ms. Rowe also oversees financial analysis of Investec's acquisition, development and disposition transactions, cost allocation decisions, and financial and tax strategies. Her Financial Services Department also performs cost reconciliation and recovery analysis and reporting for portfolio properties.

Prior to joining Investec, Ms. Rowe served as Assistant Vice President responsible for investor reporting and payment processing at two Santa Barbara financial institutions. During this time she participated in the securitization process of mortgage backed securities, and was responsible for all investor reporting to government agencies, Wall Street investment houses and various financial institutions.

Ms. Rowe has earned business degrees and certificates from University of Redlands and University of California, Santa Barbara. She lives in Santa Barbara with her husband.